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When working with startups, TotalEnergies favors an agile relationship based on the following principles: support, transparency, potential participation, simplified procedures and visibility. TotalEnergies is an international Company present on every continent and in almost every country.

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With Totalenergies, had the opportunity to work on a first POC of our solution and use our affective computing technology, called Odaptos, to facilitate user testing and data collection for the new features of StationT&Vous community website. We were delighted with the level of comittment of the various stakeholders and the enthusiasm in our collaboration. They showed a deep understanding of our technology and how it could benefit their project. Specifically, our technology allowed them to conduct interviews with their users in a more efficient and accurate manner, which led to a better understanding of user behavior and preferences.
The information they were able to glean from the analysis allowed them to implement iterations and improvements based on qualitative data that will aim to improve the overall user experience on their new site.Overall, we are extremely proud of the work we did with TotalEnergies. It was a pleasure to work with such a respected and forward-thinking international company. We highly recommend TotalEnergies to any Company looking to solidify a partnership around their product and technology.


We started working with TotalEnergies in 2016 a few months after the creation of Ermeo. We had very constructive exchanges with the business teams that allowed us to build the product we sell today (connected operator platform). When launching a startup, a name like TotalEnergies and pilots launched on their sites helped us convince other prospects!


We are a pure product of industrial co-development with TotalEnergies. By participating in the financing of our first product, we were able to industrialize a world-renowned breakthrough industrial innovation. Today, with more than 30 patents and 20 employees, we have become international and diversified.