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How digital technologies can help TotalEnergies Refining & Chemicals units to avoid, reduce, capture, reuse GHG and develop low carbon fuels and polymers?

In line with its Climate Ambition, the company’s Refining & Chemicals (R&C) segment has developed projects to avoid, reduce, capture, reuse GHG and develop low carbon fuels, recycled plastics and recycled or biopolymers. R&C digital transformation is underway. R&C emissions represent about 50% of total of the Company’s emissions.

General information

Region: Worldwide
Tech tags (optional): #Digital, #Decarbonization, #CO2, #Greenhouse gases, #GHG, #Refining, #Petrochemicals, #Decarbonation, #Gaz à effet de serre, #GES, #Raffinage, #Chimie

Problem we want to solve 

R&C has developed too few use cases where digital solutions are implemented for decarbonizing our activities and its products. R&C is therefore seeking to meet Start-Ups which are experts in this field. 

Our current levers for decarbonizing our activities (scopes 1 & 2) are: Carbon Capture and Storage, Green electricity, Energy efficiency, Process Electrification, Low carbon fuels & biogas as a utility, Green H2, Waste heat valorisation, flaring gas recovery & flaring reduction, Operational excellence e.g. avoid unexpected shutdown, minimize utilities…

Our current levers for decarbonizing our products (scope 3) are Biofuels/E-fuels, CO2 as feedstock, Light weight polymers, Biopolymers, Plastic Recycling.

Capabilities / features we are looking for 

  • Solutions along the four steps of the digital transformation: Reporting, diagnosis, prediction, and prescription.

The target users / customers 

  • For our activities, users are field workers like operations, inspection, maintenance, etc 
  • For products, our customers are large packaging industries which are using polymers as a feedstock.

What we are NOT looking for:  

  • Digital solutions on use cases other than the ones related to digital use cases for decarbonization with a direct or indirect effect on our GHG.
  • Solutions which do not apply to Refining & Chemicals on the O&G value chain: Exploration & Production, Gas and electricity production, fuels distribution & Electric Vehicules recharging, trading & shipping.

Selection criteria 

  • % of expected decrease of GHG.
  • Easy integration with our legacy systems.