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Benefits for selected startup companies


  • A platform to develop business relationships with the Corporate Partners
  • Qualified contacts & feedbacks of industry experts
  • An increased visibility and credibility towards market & investors
  • An opportunity to join the startup ecosystem accelerated by Impulse Partners
  • Open office workspace opportunities in Paris / La Défense


All applications have been reviewed by the corporate groups operational staff and Impulse Partners (hereinafter “Plant 4.0 Team”).

Submitted projects will be pre-selected based on the following criteria:

  • Innovativeness and potential to transform industrial activities (as described in the application form)
  • Capacity to be tested on industrial assets and demonstrate effectiveness within ~6 months
  • Quality and capabilities of the applicant’s project team
  • Alignment with TotalEnergies’s and its partners' corporate commitments

Selection criteria

  1. A selection committee will be organized to select the most groundbreaking start-ups.
  2. Pre-selected projects will be invited to pitch in front of a panel of relevant decision makers from TotalEnergies and its corporate partners.
  3. Final results will be communicated approximately two weeks after the Selection Committee session.

Resources available

If the start-up successfully addresses the above requirements, and if a use case is identified, TotalEnergies and its corporate partners will consider launching and financing of a Proof of Concept. Following the POC, the Plant 4.0 Team and relevant stakeholders will assess the project and evaluate the potential for larger-scale deployment.
Start-ups will be invited to join the Impulse Partners ecosystem (specialist in the energy and industrial sectors) and will benefit from offices in Paris and associated funding at reduced costs.


We organize 3 committees per year where the startups will pitch in front of the métiers and the innovation team of all partners of Plant 4.0.