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How to deliver fuel to construction machinery as precisely as possible and enable customers to accurately monitor their consumption and detect fraud?

#Logistics #BuildingIndustry #PublicWorks #Monitoring #Optimisation #TheftDetection

The challenge is closed since March 31st, 2021.

The winner of the challenge is the startup HIBOO. And this one will carry out a POC with TotalEnergies Marketing France in the second half of 2021.

Hiboo startup logo


TotalEnergies Marketing France supplies fuel to the public works and building sector by directly delivering to construction machinery.

The problem to be solved

When placing an order with TotalEnergies, the customer indicates an approximate overall volume for the entire worksite, due to a lack of visibility on the exact level of the tank for each machine.

As a result, TotalEnergies usually loads more than is actually needed and therefore it is quite common to bring unused fuel back to the depot. In addition, the delivery driver sometimes loses time locating the machines on the site.

On the other hand, the customer cannot precisely track his consumption per machine useful for the worksite controlling, which also complicates the detection of theft and fuel leaks.

Our expectations

  • If the solution requires the use of equipment:
    • Simple and quick installation (ideally without the intervention of a specialist technician).
    • Non-intrusive material: no profound modification of the tank/machine (e.g. drilling).
  • Compatibility of the solution with a majority of existing tanks and equipment.
  • Low-cost and low-maintenance solution.
  • Ideally, operational solution even when the machine is switched off.

Selection process

  • The two main selection criteria are ease of installation and compatibility. The maturity of the solution is a plus.
  • Based on the applications received, the shortlisted start-ups will compete in front of a jury of experts.

Grant for the winning start-up

  • Launch of a paid field experimentation with TotalEnergies Marketing France.
  • Connections with other businesses or affiliates that may have an interest, in France or abroad.