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How might we get solid methodologies in measurement and verification plan to help people better manage their energy in territories or school?

#energyrenovation  #energyefficiency  #positiveenergy

Users of renovated housing or educational buildings need to be better guided in the use of their building. GreenFlex is looking for solutions to better lead and advise on Zero Energy renovations of housing, educational buildings and local authorities.

GreenFlex is a subdivision of Total since 2017 and is integrated in the Gas, Renewables & Power business division, as part of its 'Carbon Neutrality Businesses' operations. At GreenFlex we believe that businesses should fix both the planet and society through their activities. Our teams design and accelerate the implementation of solutions aimed at environmental and societal excellence in order to help our customers change course towards a regenerative economy.

Our need

A need for solid methodologies in measurement and verification plan. 

Solution criteria

  • Open meters (no proprietary formats),
  • Energy data processing (consolidation) relating to the production of renewable energy, production of domestic hot water, heating, specific electricity,
  • And temperature set points and a "user friendly" return mode to recommend actions to professionals (B to B: the maintainer or the owner) and restitution to users (in B to C: the occupants of the building)  

What we are NOT looking for

Yet another old school building management solution or a connected thermostat alone that would only address the issue of heating.


The selected startup will launch a POC with GreenFlex and one of its clients

Selection process

  • Pre-selection based on criteria such as: maturity of the solution, technology not easy to copy,  startup maturity, etc.
  • Pitch session with a Total innovation jury
  • Final selection

Required information to be included in your presentation

  • References
  • Team members: skills, age, experience
  • Environmental aspect of the solution
  • Capital and number of rounds of fundraising
  • Industrialization capability
  • Revenue, market sizing, competition, scalability