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Dedicated innovative solution that is accessible inside the home to inform our customers and enable them to limit the carbon impact of their electricity consumption

How to inform all members of our customers' families in real time (who do not necessarily have access to a screen) on the carbon impact of their electricity consumption and on the best time to consume or shift their electricity uses based on grid low carbon signals through an innovative interface?

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Electricity bills can be perceived as obscure and this lack of understanding around the world of energy is one of the main obstacles in the commitment to the energy transition of our B2C customers.

We want to provide our customers with a solution to better understand the carbon impact of their electricity consumption and enable them to adapt their energy behavior to reduce their impact.


Customers are sensitive to prices and energy carbon impact doesn’t seem to be a trigger they are sensitive too.

As energy supplier we are looking for a new approach to provide pertinent information and empower our customers toward virtuous low carbon energy uses:

  • How to inform our customers of the carbon impact of their electricity consumption?
  • How to incentive our customer to consume electricity when the energy mix is as carbon free as possible?
  • What are the motivation/psychological needs can we leverage?
  • What would be a tangible solutionto interact with our customers (dedicated device,…) and approach (gamification, rewards…) we could rely on to engage customer?


When the energy mix has high carbon footprint, we want to inform our customer that his consumption right now participates to CO2 emissions, and if he has the possibility, he should shift some of its uses.

We are supposing that we would need either an innovative digital approach or a tangible solution to inform/alert inside the home. It could be HMI using alerting,  rewards, visual signals…


PGE (France, Belgium, Spain)
B2C electricity customers

What we are NOT looking for:

  • Algorithm to measure grid carbon intensity
  • B2B customer


Selected start-up will launch a pilot with PGE innovation department

Selection criteria

  • Pre-selection based on: disruptive approach, easiness to engage the customer, understanding of motivational triggers, solution maturity, differentiation from what exists on the market…
  • Pitch with PGE innovation
  • Final selection

Required information to be included in your presentation

  • Customers or previous projects references
  • Team description
  • Environmental aspect of the solution
  • Keys figures (sales, market share, competitors…)